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Are you tired of feeling unhealthy?

Are you confused about all of the information that’s out there?

If you struggle with knowing what you need to do to get healthy or you know what to do and need help actually doing it, I built my nutrition program & community, EatWell, with you in mind.

I used to struggle in my relationship with food and my body, even as a personal trainer. I really struggled with disordered eating habits.

One day I just realized that I wasn't living the life I wanted to live. I was tired of the cycle of binge eating and punishing myself with hard workouts. I started on a journey and I've been on it for the last four years.

What is EatWell?

EatWell is a combination of my nutrition expertise and what I’ve learned on my own personal journey.

In this program we'll cover what to eat, but most importantly how to change your habits surrounding nutrition and mindset.

EatWell is about finding manageable solutions that work for YOU- based on your preferences, goals, and lifestyle.

Membership Benefits:

  • Learn about the roles of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  • Portion sizes
  • Ditching the diet mentality and other helpful mindset changes
  • Program guide (includes suggested pace of the program and tips for success)
  • Monthly community calls & quarterly goal setting calls
  • Weekly office hour
  • Recipes
  • Two strength training programs
  • Additional exclusive member benefits

It's time to build a healthy relationship with food.

It's time you feel empowered in your nutrition decisions.

It's time to achieve your goals.

Alicia Vallarta can attest to how the program is impacted her health and her life.

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About Olivia Dykes

I’m Olivia, but a lot of people call me Liv. I’ve been a coach in the greater Nashville area for 6 years.  I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition certified coach, and certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

My own health and fitness journey inspired the creation of LivWell Coaching. I’m here because I want to empower women to build better relationships with food, movement, and their bodies.

My Guarantee

I guarantee that you will receive positive coaching, nutrition education, and help with achieving your goals.

I also guarantee if you ask questions, show up consistently, and engage in the community, you will see change in your life.

Time to Make a Change

There is no better time to improve your health than right now. If you are ready to make lasting changes to your life, sign up today!

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$165 a month

EatWell - 2023

0 ratings